Dominick Ciccarelli is a graduate of N.Y. Institute of Technology and has a 5-year Bachelor degree in Architecture. He has received numerous awards in the local NY community and is an active member in various community and industrial organizations.

Having spent some years studying in northern and eastern regions of Spain and Italy, Dominick is known for his latest designs and his exceptional ability to understand the needs of his clients.

He is an associate at thinkDESIGN Architecture™, an architectural firm located in Staten Island. They are committed to providing their clients with smart and original ways to make their property environmentally sustainable with unconventional construction methods.

Dominick has been the lead architect and designer on several of commercial and residential projects.His expertise includes designing corporate interiors for some of the largest companies in the country. He has also successfully executed innumerable high-end residential projects throughout New York City. With an inherent skill of understanding the clients needs — big and small — he offers smart and customized solutions.

Dominick is also the co-founder and lead architect of ContructRELIEF, a not for profit foundation that works to help victims of Hurricane Sandy by rebuilding and modifying their homes.

The construction industry relies on a tremendous amount of scheduling and coordination by all trades and professionals. thinkDESIGN Architecture has consistently demonstrated their abilities in knowing how to navigate the approval and permit process through the various NYC agencies in order to keep our projects on time. Additionally, they provide necessary support when questions come up that need immediate attention. It is important to have this solid relationship with not only the owner, but with the Architect as well. These qualities are essential for scheduling as well as for keeping projects within budget.

Ralph Succar

Empire State Development

This year, I completed another large-scale development project with thinkDESIGN Architecture. They are one of the few firms that can truly take a project from an idea to reality. From researching prospective development sites, preparing schematic designs, and obtaining necessary approvals, I can rely on thinkDESIGN Architecture to act quickly and professionally on my behalf throughout the project.

John Najmy

NNT Development Corp.

At Menicucci Villa & Associates we assist our clients in all aspects of real estate, whether a first home, multi-unit development or commercial enterprise by negotiating a myriad of zoning laws, building codes and planning objectives. It is these complexities that give rise to my confidence in thinkDesign Architecture to provide me with accurate and prompt analysis to guide my clients and help them realize their objectives. It is these complexities that give rise to my confidence in thinkDesign Architecture to provide me with accurate and prompt analysis in these areas/

Michael Menicucci

Menicucci, Villa & Associates