4 Advantages of Switching to LED Lighting in NYC Buildings

  • September 29, 2018
  • dominickciccarelli

One of the biggest loads in New York City energy consumption is lighting. About 11% of all energy is only used for lighting. Regular energy audits have revealed that energy systems in the city are old, especially in the multifamily residential sector. Thus, the innovative technology of LED has made it possible for the residential and commercial properties in the city to opt for energy efficient measures. Dominick Ciccarelli, licensed home improvement contractor with the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs offers numerous reasons to property owners to move to low voltage and LED lighting.

LED Lighting is Energy Efficient

One of leading reasons to switch to LED lighting is its energy efficiency. Many commercial and residential property owners have been interested in LED lighting solely because of this reason. In comparison with the old lighting technology, the LED technology delivers better light with lower power consumption.

LED Lighting Meets Local Law 88 and the Energy Code

Change in the lighting technology across the state can only be approved if the state has lighting law. According to Local Law 88 created in 2009, all NYC buildings are subject to compulsory benchmarking and energy audits. These audits will define measures to upgrade your lighting systems. The systems also need to meet the NYC Energy Conservation Code by the year 2025. For example, the latest fluorescent lighting is capable of meeting code requirements.

Simple and easy maintenance with LED lighting

LED lighting is known for its sustainability and sturdiness. Unlike old school bulbs and tubelights, LED lights do not have any kind of delicate filaments or electrodes. In addition, LED lights are fashioned from shatter free polymers rather than glass.

LED lighting provides savings on air conditioning

The advantage of switching your existing lighting system with the LED lighting system is its ability to offer same energy levels on lesser energy consumption. The new system removes the unwanted heating that takes a load on the air conditioning in the summers. This strain is considerably high on the high rise buildings in New York City.

Majority property owners are upgrading to LED lights to meet with the NYC Energy Code requirements. This leads to an increase in efficiency levels. According to Dominick Ciccarelli, before upgrading the lighting system, be sure to check with your home inspector or NYC energy codes.