4 cool NYC swimming pool design ideas by Dominick Ciccarelli

  • July 11, 2019
  • dominickciccarelli

Traditionally, New Yorkers preferred more basic swimming pool designs on their property. And rectangular pool was the most commonly seen design. However, nowadays, you can easily spot swimming pools designs that come with style and artistic flair. Apart from picking unique pool designs, people also add things, such as lighting and accent pieces to improve their pool’s aesthetic.

But just like ever-changing lifestyle trends influence our everyday life,home and its elements are no exceptions, says, Dominick Ciccarelli, a licensed general architect with the NYC Department of Buildings.

If you also want to stay abreast of the latest trends in swimming pool,here are some cool swimming pool design trends in NYC.

Classic and simple geometric shapes – Homeownerswith pool in NYC are crushing over classic and simple geometric shapetrend and turning their backs on rounded or curvy shaped pools. Don’tget me wrong, although these are called “simple geometric pool,”there is nothing boring about the design. Plus, you can choose fromplenty of interesting features and finishes to enhance the aestheticappeal of your pool.

Built-in bars – Another trending feature in modern pool design is built-in bar. Although swim-up bars were usually found in luxury resorts, today homeowners are installing built-in-bars with their swimming pool. Built-in-bars not only improve the outdoor living areas but also work as the center of socialization. These type of installations make it easier for you and your guests to grab a drink without getting out of the water. Cool, right? They also come with convenient seating facilities, such as bench, built-in ledge, or stools. So what are you waiting for? Bring your two favorite things at one place.

Finishes and colors – Gone are those days when people wanted a blue colored pool. Today, homeowners are picking pool finishes and colors that match the aesthetics of their home. Instead of blue tiles, homeowners are choosing brown, green and grey tiles to add mood to their outdoor living area.

Lighting and smart features – The interior pool lighting has been in the trend for the last few years. But today, innovative lighting not only creates a great ambience for nighttime and dinner parties but also can be controlled with home automation technology. They offer unique color schemes with different levels of brightness. With smart features in your pool, it is also easier to maintain your pool. The major advantages of lighting and smart features include reduced energy costs and environment-friendly.

Whether you want to update your existing pool or want to install a new one, you can incorporate some of these pool design ideas to improve its functionality as well as aesthetic appeal. However, before you begin the project, make sure your design plan that complies with the New York Department of Building and have a permit, if required.

Formore tips and suggestions on inground swimming pool designs andplans, consult Dominick Ciccarelli.