Common architectural mistakes to avoid while installing patio pavers

  • July 26, 2019
  • dominickciccarelli
patio pavers

Just like life in general, while building patio we have two main choices, “a right and a wrong one,” says, Dominick Ciccarelli, a licensed home improvement contractor and architect with New York State.

If we don’t consider proper planning and the right strategies, the end result may not be desirable. And it may even fail to complement your home and garden. In simple words, if the concrete patio is done incorrectly, it will not only look horrendous but also pose a danger to your loved ones.

Although an experienced contractor will be aware of the right methods to install patio pavers, it is good to know the architectural mistakes. Below, Dominick Ciccarelli explains some of the mistakes to avoid while building patio paver.

Not laying joints in both ways – One of the common architectural mistakes is the failure to place the joints longitudinally and transversely. If you want a well laid pavement, joints are required to be placed in both ways keeping in mind the minimum requirements of pave structure.

Building patio on wet ground – Paving stones play an important role in the patio designing that can be designed to bear heavy weight. However, if done incorrectly like installing patio on wet ground, they will rip up quickly within a year of installation. For this reason, Dominick Ciccarelli advises homeowners to make sure patio are installed on dry ground.

Too wide gaps – Another important thing to consider while building a paver patio is that the spaces between the bricks or tiles shouldn’t be too wide. For example, even one loose brick or tile can jeopardise the quality and the overall look of your patio paver. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure the patio is packed properly and tightly.

Faulty mortar ratios and mixing method – Often, the time limit to complete the patio installation project can cause contractors to perform the task with less care. Incorrect mortar ratio and combining method are one of the common mistakes resulted due to the pressure to complete the project. This mistake not only wastes your time but also a lot of money to rectify it. The process of mixing mortar is a combination of art and science. Apart from this, also consider the weather conditions before paving your patio as extreme temperatures can influence the time of installation.

Please remember

Besides considering these architectural mistakes while installing patio pavers, also keep in mind the climatic conditions. This will save you money, time, and effort, as correctly installed patio pavers are easy to maintain and care.