Commonly questions asked about screen rooms

  • May 13, 2019
  • dominickciccarelli
Screen Room

According to Dominick Ciccarelli, a licensed contractor with New York State, home installations in NYC such as porch, pool, deck, and patio have some specific function in making your life better and comfortable. So why not install one more to make your dwelling the best than ever? Screen rooms not only add value to your to home but also help to keep dust, wind, and weather at bay. Besides being one of the most common additions to homes in NYC, people still have many questions about screen rooms or sun rooms.Below Dominick Ciccarelli answers some of the frequently asked questions about screen rooms.

Why do homeowners install a screen room?

screen rooms

 Screen rooms or sun rooms help in expanding your dwelling as well as improve the value of your home. By installing sun rooms, you can bring the out doors inside and you can get an area for enjoyment and relaxation.

Do screen rooms need a permit to install?

 Yes,in New York City, all structures such as a fence, decks, swimming pools, and screen rooms need to abide by the codes and rules of the Department of Building. A homeowner needs to obtain a permit  to install screen rooms.

 How to use screen rooms?

Usually, sun rooms provide people with extra space to relax while enjoying the best of nature. You can use your sun rooms as family rooms, dining and entertaining areas, reading room, workplace space, library, a play room for children, exercise room, arts, and crafts room, and a room to simply sit and relax during weekends, and many more. In short, there are endless ways you can use your screen rooms.

Is there any difference between a screen room and a conventional room addition?

A screen room is specially designed to give you a comfortable outdoor living. Therefore, it’s not like any other room in your dwelling.The sun rooms can be significantly inexpensive as compared to a conventional room addition. Another difference is that a sun room can be constructed within as little as a week creating less disturbance to your daily life.  Since the screen room comes with the feel of the outdoors, they offer a different atmosphere than a standard family room.

 Is a sun room good investment?

Most of the homeowners having a sun room in their establishments have experienced that they received a more reasonable return on selling their home. In simple words, screen room can enhance the market-value o f your home.

 Which is the best glass to use for a screen room?

The safest glass you can use for a screen room is tempered glass. As compared to standard glass that breaks into sharp serrated debris,the tempered glass breaks into tiny pebble-like pieces. However, it offers less insulation from cold or heat.

 What are the electrical requirements for a screen room?

 Asper the National Electric Code, the electrical requirements for a screen room are similar to that of your home. Standard electrical requirements for a screen room include an outside GFI, three outlets,an outside light, and a ceiling fan circuit.

These are some of the frequently asked questions about screen rooms. If you’ve more queries, consult Dominick Ciccarelli.