Dominick Ciccarelli taken on the latest architectural trends

  • December 10, 2018
  • dominickciccarelli

One thing that always has been evolving with changes of society, culture and environment is the architecture. The changes in the architecture does not always come at the same time with other changes. It takes time, comes slowly but stays for a long time. To understand the latest trends in the field of design and elegance, Dominick Ciccarelli revels top five trends that are here to dominate the industry.

The focus of the architects is on the eco friendly designs and organic shapes that are capable of standing the test of time.

Circles and curves

The trends of curves have been long used by the quirky architects to create eccentric designs. The circles and curves however, have entered the mainstream market. The styles are crafted in such a way that they create more and open spaces and unify seamlessly with the environment. This trend takes inspirations from the indigenous homes and igloos.

There has also been increase in the want of circular homes by the homeowners.

Above ground pools

A few years by the in ground pools took the real estate by storm. Everyone wanted to add inground pool in their home. That trend however has gone. More and more homeowners are installing above ground pools – often not larger than the inflatable kind in their homes. These pools are practical along with being decorative. This trend is perfect for the homes that are tight in space.

Natural materials

The industrial aesthetic trend is long gone and is replaced in the favor of natural materials. Rather than glass and metal cladding, the homeowners are seeking hand-crafted brickwork, timbers and rammed earth to bring in texture and warmth. The natural material has a timelessness that cannot be measured by the other materials. Along with that, the natural material has given rise to the eco friendly homes with hypoallergenic insulations, solar designs and more.

Small designs

The impact of the sky high towers and buildings have changed the environment a lot. The adverse changes in the ecosystem have prompted majority of homeowners to opt for the smaller homes with elegant homes. Micro apartments, tiny homes and multi-generational housing can be seen in various shows such as Tiny House Nation. This trend is going slow but is definitely building.

Prep kitchens

Over the years, the kitchens were designed with the concept of open-plan living areas. As the open plans are still somewhat trending, homeowners are embracing the prep kitchens. Prep kitchen are basically separate from the main kitchen and allows the homeowners to do food prop, rubbish collection, dishwashing and more to occur out of sight. This trend helps to make your kitchen the place where you can entertain the guests.

According to expert Dominick Ciccarelli, these trends are here to stay more so because of their practicality.