Tips by Dominick Ciccarelli to maintain your outdoor kitchen

  • April 15, 2019
  • dominickciccarelli

You may not use your outdoor kitchen as often as an indoor kitchen, but it’s more susceptible to damage and dirt as it is exposed to weather conditions. Therefore, Dominick Ciccarelli, a licensed contractor with New York State advises maintaining your outdoor kitchen regularly. Here are the tips by Dominick Ciccarelli you need to know to maintain an outdoor kitchen.

Dominick Ciccarelli to maintain your outdoor kitchen

Regularly clean the grill – When it comes to an outdoor kitchen, the grill is the most important investment. Inoperable grill means failing to get the best experience from the outdoor kitchen. As per experts, homeowners must clean the grill regularly and cover it after use. Most people live with this misconception that expensive grills are made of rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials. But, this isn’t the truth! Being constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions, outdoor kitchens can get damaged and build-up debris or dirt.

Collect the grass clippings in a bag – With an outdoor kitchen or patio, you’ll have less grass to cut most of the yard is taken by an outdoor kitchen. But, when you mow the lawn, direct the grass clippings away from the outdoor kitchen area or bag them. If there are some grass shavings on the patio, remove the debris using a broom before it stains your surface.

Seal the countertop – Most people go for granite as the countertops for their outdoor kitchens for two reasons, firstly, they look great, and granite can bear a lot of heat. However, the stone also needs protection from sunlight and weather conditions. The Ultraviolet rays from the sunlight can affect the granite countertop, so it’s better to seal the stone every three to five years for protection.

Power wash the stone – Homeowners either use natural or manufactured stone on the patio or outdoor kitchen. Usually, manufactured stone have a 30-years of warranty, where the natural stone will last as long as you want. Whether natural or manufactured stone, you need to power wash it at least once in a year to remove stains from grill smoke, clippings, mildew, or food grease.

Unplug the utilities – Generally, the cold climate isn’t suitable to use an outdoor kitchen. So, don’t waste your resources or energy on making it work. Make sure you disconnect your utilities and turn off the gas to the grill when they aren’t in use during the cold months.

These are some of the tips by Dominick Ciccarelli you can use to maintain your outdoor kitchen. Since building an outdoor kitchen requires a huge investment, so you need to maintain it regularly to enjoy the best experience of using outdoor kitchen.