Top reasons by Dominick Ciccarelli to maintain heating system before winters

  • March 22, 2019
  • dominickciccarelli
heating system maintenance

New York City experiences extreme cold days during the winter season, which means every night the temperature drops quickly. According to Dominick Ciccarelli, a licensed contractor with New York State, every homeowner should maintain the heating system to prepare for the coldest months. The period between October 1st and may 31st is designated as “heat season” in NYC, and during this period landlords must provide their tenants with heat 6 am and 10 pm, especially if the temperature drops below 55 degrees. Dominick Ciccarelli explains below the top reasons why it necessary to regularly maintain your heating system before winters.

Energy efficiency – With a well-maintained heating system, you can enjoy the benefit of energy efficiency. This is because regular maintenance keeps your furnace’s mechanical components lubricated. Therefore, they work more efficiently by using less energy to get the job done. Plus, cleaning or changing the filter also helps with energy efficiency, as your heater can easily circulate the air throughout your home.

Improves the life of equipment – Another benefit of regular maintenance of the heating system is that it helps in increasing the life of your equipment. With seasonal heater maintenance, all the essential inner workings of the equipment are cleaned, checked, and maintained, so it can also fix any tiny issues before they turn into bigger ones.

You save money on repairs – Sometimes, even with seasonal heater maintenance, you may have to call repair services. But, regular maintenance helps you save money on repairs, by making it smaller and less costly. On the contrary, if you don’t get your heat system serviced before every winter season, you may end up having costly repairs.

Air quality – Suppose, if your heater isn’t clean, how can you expect quality air that moves through it? A regularly maintained heating system allows quality and freer airflow. Therefore, changing or cleaning filters on a regular basis is crucial. When it comes to filters, they tend to trap several common allergens, such as dust, pollens, and pet dander. With seasonal furnace maintenance, you can breath fresh and quality air.

Comfort & safety – If your heating system is functioning properly, you can be more comfortable at home during extremely chilled days outside. You’ll also have better indoor air quality. Hence, the chances are fewer for your heater experience any fires or carbon monoxide emissions, which means you can feel safer when your heating system is maintained.

Hopefully, now you know that seasonal heating system maintenance in NYC is essential to stay comfortable and safe throughout the winters.