Everything You Need to Know About Subletting

  • July 3, 2018
  • dominickciccarelli

Even though New York City is full of homes, it is difficult for most people to find a good apartment in the city. The apartments that are in a good neighboured are often exorbitantly priced and so, it becomes imperative for tenants to sublet their apartment in order to meet the rent requirements. However, it is important that you select the right person to share your personal space with. Dominick Ciccarelli, an architect and resident of New York City, explains the importance of selecting the right person.
While looking for a subletter or as a subletter yourself, it is important that you take certain necessary precautions. Being in the good graces of your landlord is of the highest priority. That said, it is also necessary that you check the rules and see if the apartment that you are choosing legally allows subletting:

Permission to sublet

A residential building with more than four units provides its tenants the opportunity to sublet if the apartment in the building is their primary residence. To ensure that you have the right to do so, contact your landlord or the owner of the property and make sure to check with them first. Also, it is necessary that permission to sublet is granted by the management and owners in advance. So, be prepared.

A subletter should have following qualities:

  • Possess a good job
  • Appropriate income
  • Has suitable character

Rent control apartments

Rent control apartments do not allow subletting. Under the Metropolitan Council on Housing, there are rules and regulations that need to be followed to allow a subletter in your home. Any individual that has poor income, no stable job, poor credit, or any history of eviction, would not be considered a subletter. If you find a good subletter, talk with your landlord or management of the building to make sure everyone is on board with your decision. A formal request also needs to be submitted to sublet the apartment.

Profiting from a sublet

Subletting the apartment does not meaning earning a profit on rent. According to the law, a tenant cannot charge excess rent from the subletter. Keep in mind that landlords often increase the rent if they find a tenant subletting the apartment for a higher price.

So, before you begin the procedure of subletting the apartment, check with the Metropolitan Council on Housing to ensure that you are in the right.