Permits and code requirements to install an in-ground pool in NYC

  • April 26, 2019
  • dominickciccarelli
ground pool

Summers can be really hot in New York City, so having a backyard in-ground pool can help you beat the heat while spending quality time with friends and family. According to Dominick Ciccarelli, a licensed contractor with New York State, the construction and zoning of the backyard pool requirements are many. Therefore, there are two types of pools that don’t require a permit from the Department of Buildings. These include:

  • Outdoor in-ground pools with less than 400 square feet area with an existing slop sink connected to a sanitary sewer for drainage.
  • Above-ground pools with less than 48 inches depth and not more than 500 square feet in area.

Although a permit is not required to install these pools, you need to abide by the NYC Building Code standards while installing them. You can visit to check the NYC Building Code and regulation to install an in-ground pool, especially see rule 44 and sections 27-488. Other types of pools require the permit and plan to be filed by a registered architect prior to construction.

Whether your pool requires approval or not, it must comply with the following general rules.

  • Make sure the permanent markings that show the breakpoints, depth of the shallow end, and deep end are visible from inside as well as outside the pool.
  • Your pool must be installed with a continuous fence that should be at least four feet high above the ground having a childproof, closed, and self-closing gate.
  • The in-ground pool should be located nearly five feet from any lot line unless the lot width is less than 25 feet. In such a case, the pool must be located at least three feet from the side of the yard lot line. Plus, it must be concealed from the adjoining lots by a solid, continuous and opaque six-feet high fence.
  • If you’re installing metal safety fence, make sure they are grounded to prevent them from getting electrically charged.
  • There should not be any overhead electrical conductors within 15 feel of your pool.
  • To install a gas-fired pool heater, a registered architect must file for Building Department approval, while an electrician must file for an electrical pool heater approval.
  • Drainage lines must be connected to a slop sink, and you must secure approval for alternative drainage methods.

Summer is fast approaching! If you’re considering to install an in-ground in your backyard, make sure your it comply with these requirements. To know more about in-pool installation in NYC, approach Architecture Dominick Ciccarelli.