What do you need to know before installing roof decks?

  • May 3, 2019
  • dominickciccarelli
roof decks

When it comes to decks and porches, they not only provide a sanctuary to residential buildings but also help to increase unit values. According to Dominick Ciccarelli, a licensed contractor with New York State, every building in NYC has a roof, but not a roof deck. For most New Yorkers, a retreat above the streets of the city is one of the most important amenities. Dominick Ciccarelli says that although it is a good amenity that increases the value of an individual apartment, it is hard to quantify it. With deck furniture and planters, the roof deck can provide great views. If you’re considering to install roof deck, here the things you need to know.Read them below!

Permits and other legal requirements for installing roof decks – Asper the New York Building Code, you can build roof deck only when the Department approves your construction plans and issues you permit for installing a deck or porch. Plus, make sure your construction plan is designed by a New York State registered architect or licensed professional engineer.

Dominick Ciccarelli explains that the roof where you’re considering to install a deck or porch must include as a usable space on a building’s Certificate of Occupancy. In case, it is not then the Certificate of Occupancy must be revised for the new use of the roof. Additionally, how the deck is anchored and wind loads as well as everything on the deck even additional weight must be addressed. A State registered architect must confirm whether the roof and structure are strong enough to support the additional weight or extra support is required. On the other hand, the New York City Landmarks Commission wants the new roof construction should not be visible from street level as well as from a block or a few blocks away. Hence, this will help in maintaining the visual integrity of the current facades.

 Construction factors –Asper the Dominick Ciccarelli, one has to consider various construction issues while installing a roof deck. One such is technical issues,which may arise as well. These include unpleasant smells from the kitchen, bathroom vents, and restaurants exhausts, and they should be considered as an important part of the overall plan of the construction of the roof deck. Plus, you need to make sure the integrity of the waterproof membrane of the existing roof is not compromised while installing the deck to the roof structure.

Lastly,the installation of a roof deck is a great option for residential or urban co-op building, but make sure you follow the proper procedures and advice of your architect.